Ontario Neonatal Follow-Up Program

Neonatal follow-up plays a critical role in Ontario’s healthcare system, monitoring and offering early intervention for high-risk infants with varying diagnoses. The Neonatal Follow-Up Program (NFUP) refers to neonatal follow-up clinics collectively that are part of a larger collaborative provincial system. PCMCH has developed NFUP resources with the aims of reducing variations in practice among clinics and aligning neonatal follow-up standards across the province.

The resources available for download below will support standardization and collaboration across clinics in Ontario. Resources have also been developed for parents and families to help them better understand their journey through the neonatal follow-up system.

Final Report of the Neonatal Follow-Up Clinics Work Group (2015)

Neonatal Follow-Up Implementation Strategy Final Report (2017)

Neonatal Follow-Up Program Implementation Tool Kit (2017)

Resources for Neonatal Follow-Up Programs

Ontario Neonatal Follow-Up Program Referral Form

Levels of Neonatal Follow-Up Care

Neonatal Follow-Up Process Flow Charts

Record of Shared Care Form

Neonatal Follow-Up Assessment Tools (Excel)

Postnatal Screening Form: General Anxiety and Depression

Postnatal Screening Form: Edinburgh Perinatal Depression Scale

About the Neonatal Follow-Up Program (Letter for Providers)

Neonatal Follow-Up Program Brochure for Parents and Families

Neonatal Follow-Up Program Graduation Letter for Patients and Families

Resources for Parents and Families

Information Package for Parents and Families

Neonatal Follow-Up Program: Visit Schedule

Neonatal Follow-Up Program Webinar