Ontario Paediatric Bariatric Network

The Ontario Paediatric Bariatric Network (OPBN) is comprised of 11 clinics that provides specialized paediatric bariatric services to children and youth who are overweight or obese. The OPBN identifies priorities and recommend strategies to advance a coordinated system of services, address service gaps, and improve quality of care over time across community and hospital settings, and across urban, rural and remote regions.


The 5As of Pediatric Obesity Management

The Canadian Obesity Network’s 5As of Obesity Management program is a step-by-step framework for non-specialists who manage obesity in their patients. It is an easy-to-use roadmap that provides sensitive, realistic, measurable and sustainable obesity management strategies focusing on improving health and well-being.

4Ms to Careplan – Case Study

The 4Ms stand for the Mental, Mechanical, Metabolic and Monetary health of a patient. The 4Ms help care provider understand the drivers and consequences of obesity to develop realistic, feasible and sustainable management plans.

Webinar Series: Paediatric Diabetes and Paediatric Obesity Management (Dec. 2022 - March 2023)