Emergency Department (ED) Clinical Pathway for Children and Youth with Mental Health Conditions

The ED Clinical Pathway for Children and Youth with Mental Health Conditions and the related decision-support tools were developed to guide and support the care of children and youth who present to an ED with mental health or addiction issues. The Clinical Pathway also includes a process that facilitates a seamless transition to follow-up services with appropriate community-based agencies.

These resources are intended to enhance the capacity of the health system by using protocols that ensure anyone discharged from an ED has a stabilization plan and, if necessary, receives timely follow-up.

Download the ED Clinical Pathway Toolkit (2013). The Appendices and related documents can be found below.


1a – Clinical Pathway Algorithm – Update posted June 2018

1b – ED Clinical Pathway Form – Update posted December 2017

1c – HEADS ED Online Tool and Resources

2a – Caregiver Perception Surveys (CPS) – Update posted December 2017

2b – Youth Perception Survey (YPS) – Update posted December 2017

3 – Ask Suicide Screening Questions (ASQ-5) – Update posted December 2017

4 – Paediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC17) English and French – Update posted December 2017

5 – Order Set for Chemical Restraint in the ED – Update posted December 2017

6 – Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician Screening Form

7 – Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician Role Description

8 – Environmental Assessment for Implementation Readiness

9 – Memorandum of Agreement (Sample)

10 – Implementation Slide Deck (2013)

View the abstract of a paper about this work published in the July 2018 issue of Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America.