Issue 1 | October 2022

Sharing EDI Insights

Ontario is home to a highly diverse population. It is essential that organizations like PCMCH foster engagement with diverse communities and reflect input from different perspectives at our Governing Council, committees and working groups. Such diversity at our tables, in ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, disability, geography and other factors, is what will enable us to ensure that our work is reflective of the diversity of Ontarians and meets their diverse needs. PCMCH has started giving greater consideration to candidates’ professional and personal commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) when recruiting new staff and committee members.

In recognition of Indigenous History Month in June, PCMCH asked two Governing Council members to discuss work around EDI they are engaged in and their responses appeared on our social media platforms. We re-share their insights below and look forward to discussing EDI with others who work with PCMCH in future issues of Milestones.

Marilyn Crabtree is a family physician, the interim primary care lead for the Upper Canada, Cornwall and area Ontario Health Team (OHT), a member of PCMCH’s Governing Council and Co-chair of PCMCH’s Maternal-Newborn Committee. Read Marilyn’s Q&A

Bruce Squires is the President of McMaster Children’s Hospital (MCH), the VP of Women’s and Children’s Health at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), a member of PCMCH’s Governing Council and Co-Chair of PCMCH’s Child and Youth Committee. Read Bruce’s Q&A

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