Issue 1 | October 2022

Easing Transitions to the Adult Care System

Earlier this year, two new resources that support collaboration between youth, families and healthcare providers when a youth transitions from the paediatric to the adult healthcare system were released:

It is recommended that the process of transition planning for youth who are transitioning to adult-oriented health and other services begin early. Doing so provides time to minimize disruptions between services and to build capacity for the youth (and family) to learn about adult-oriented healthcare and social services. For this reason, both the Transition Quality Standard and the CCKO Transition Toolkit focus on anticipating future needs of the youth, and on ensuring that transition plans are individualized and co-created by the youth, the family as appropriate, and the circle of caregivers in order to better prepare youth for this change.

The purpose of the Transition Quality Standard is to provide evidence and expert consensus around the transition of care for any youth who is transitioning from the paediatric to the adult healthcare system.  The Quality Standard aims to help healthcare professionals and organizations measure, assess and improve the care provided. The CCKO Transition Toolkit was developed specifically for youth with medical complexity, who are medically fragile and technology dependent. The Toolkit includes age-based checklists for the youth, their parent(s) and/or their caregiver(s) and their healthcare providers and a Transition Resource Guide that provides an overview of key resources and services important to this population during transition.

Visit the Transition to Adult Healthcare Services page on our website to learn more about the Quality Standard, access other resources, and to watch a webinar about the Quality Standard.

Visit the CCKO Youth Transition to Adult Care Toolkit page to access these resources.

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