Paediatric Diabetes Mental Health and Psychosocial Care

Through the Ontario Paediatric Diabetes Network, PCMCH works to effect change in the paediatric diabetes landscape by addressing the challenges and discrepancies associated with access to mental health and psychosocial care for paediatric diabetes patients. A recommendations report regarding a provincial approach for paediatric diabetes programs to improve access and coordination of mental health and psychosocial services for youth living with diabetes and their families was created in 2013. This set of recommendations aims to improve access and cultivate a more streamlined process for paediatric diabetes patients seeking mental health and psychosocial supports in Ontario.

The daily management of diabetes poses unique challenges for children, youth and their families, and can put patients at greater risk of developing significant mental health conditions that can impact their well-being and physical health and result in considerable costs to the healthcare system. This report explores the impact that mental health and psychosocial conditions have on the broader system and the long-term outcomes of the population they address. It also examines how to leverage resources that currently exist within Ontario’s healthcare system.

Download the Recommendation Report