Equity Diversity & Inclusion

IPHCC and PCMCH Relationship Agreement

In August 2023, the Indigenous Primary Health Care Council (IPHCC) and the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) entered into a partnership that aims to foster high-quality perinatal, newborn and child healthcare for Indigenous peoples in Ontario. This strategic Relationship Agreement was developed in a mutual spirit of openness, respect and humility, recognizing […]

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2SLGBTQIA+ Inclusivity in Perinatal Care 

The perinatal period uniquely impacts the mental health and wellbeing of 2SLGBTQIA+ people. Previous or anticipated experiences of discrimination and invisibility, in addition to system-level inequities, can affect trust in perinatal healthcare providers and the broader healthcare system. These barriers can also impact equitable access to timely, quality healthcare, thereby contributing to poor physical and

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Disability and Pregnancy

Nearly one in eight pregnancies in Ontario are to people with a disability; however, pregnancy care is not often structured to address their needs. In 2022, PCMCH collaborated with researchers from the University of Toronto to develop evidence-based resources to support healthy pregnancies, birthing experiences and postpartum outcomes for people with disabilities. In 2023, PCMCH

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PCMCH’s EDI journey is an evolving one that builds upon work already done.  This webpage is but one way for us to be accountable to our commitments and be transparent with our stakeholders about our efforts. This page will be updated when new activities take place and as new resources are developed. Here are some

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Indigenous Health Equity

PCMCH recognizes that historical beliefs about, and attitudes towards, Indigenous peoples have resulted in enormous inequities faced today that take place within many different systems, including the health, child welfare, education and justice systems. Anti-Indigenous racial discrimination and bias have profound negative impacts on the health and wellness of Indigenous peoples in Ontario. There have

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Why Health Equity is Important

Social determinants of health, and how they overlap (also known as intersections), affect the health of individuals, groups and communities in many different ways. Health inequity often impacts people from racial and ethnic minority groups; however, people are socially disadvantaged for many reasons aside from race and ethnicity. For example, this may be based on

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Land Acknowledgement

At PCMCH, we start meetings with a Land Acknowledgement. Land Acknowledgments show recognition of Indigenous lands, treaties and peoples, and encourage us to think about what happened in the past, what can be done in the future to help build positive relationships, and that we are all accountable for building these relationships. PCMCH recognizes that

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