Issue 1 | October 2022

Clinical Handbook for Paediatric Asthma

Updated clinical recommendations to assist healthcare providers in treating young patients with asthma have been released by PCMCH in partnership with the Lung Health Association.

The Clinical Handbook for Paediatric Asthma is a compendium of evidence-based rationale and clinical consensus for emergency department and in-patient management of care, including discharge planning for paediatric asthma in-patients up to age 18 with a known or suspected diagnosis of asthma. The Handbook also includes a care pathway and recommendations developed in consultation with an expert panel of specialists in emergency medicine, paediatrics, respirology, nursing, pharmacy and other disciplines.

The Handbook aims to:

  • provide clinicians with evidence-based recommendations regarding management of paediatric asthma for the Emergency Department (ED), in-patient episodes of care and for discharge;
  • reduce variations in asthma diagnosis and the treatment of in-patients with asthma;
  • promote standardized assessments of severity and severity-based treatment;
  • reduce inappropriate ED revisits and in-patient admissions; and
  • ensure that, upon discharge, children and their parents/caregivers receive an “Asthma Action Plan”, which provides instructions for asthma management education and any referrals for appropriate follow-up with specialists.

Visit the Clinical Handbook for Paediatric Asthma section on our website for more information and to download the Handbook.

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