Issue 1 | October 2022

Welcome to Milestones

Welcome to the first issue of Milestones, PCMCH’s newsletter for healthcare professionals, policy makers, system planners and anyone interested in building and supporting high-quality perinatal, newborn, child and youth healthcare in Ontario.

Information-sharing is an important part of effective healthcare provision, not just between care providers and their patients but also between organizations like PCMCH and its partners and stakeholders. Through this newsletter, we hope to build a two-way street when it comes to information exchange. In each issue of Milestones, you will learn about developments at PCMCH, read about and learn from healthcare leaders across Ontario who support us in our work, and get access to useful resources that we’ve developed. We also hope you will share your feedback with us about anything you read in Milestones. Receiving your feedback will help us identify priorities within the perinatal, newborn, child and youth healthcare sector and refine our resources so they better meet the needs of care providers, patients and families.

Why is our newsletter called Milestones? We chose this title because much of our work, done in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, supports the achievement of important milestones in the lives of the individuals and families we serve through our work. It is a reminder of PCMCH’s vision of healthy pregnancies, babies, children and families for lifelong health in Ontario.

On behalf of the PCMCH team, thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on our first issue.

Sanober Diaz, Executive Director

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