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In July 2021, PCMCH released a Care Pathway for the Management of Perinatal Mental Health and accompanying Guidance Document to support healthcare providers’ understanding about how to identify those who are pregnant or postpartum who may be experiencing difficulties with their mental health, assess the severity of their symptoms, determine an appropriate care or treatment that corresponds to need, and follow individuals through their care journey to ensure that their mental healthcare needs are being met. These new resources and their implementation into clinical practice will be presented during the webinar and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

On Nov. 24, 2021, PCMCH hosted a webinar titled Starting the Conversation: Perinatal Mental Health to support healthcare providers in their understanding and awareness of the delivery pf mental healthcare to pregnant and postpartum people in Ontario. An esteemed panel of speakers presented on the context and prevalence of perinatal mental illness in Ontario, the intended use and objectives of the Care Pathway tool, case study examples to support its application and knowledge translation implications and implementation considerations.