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Neonatal Follow-Up Program Tools and Resources 

Welcome! Here you will find tools and resources developed for Neonatal Follow-Up Programs, patients and families.


Poster can be downloaded below in Resources for Parents and Families.

These tools and resources were developed to implement the recommendations from the Neonatal Follow-Up Clinics Work Group, whose aim was to make recommendations for reducing variability of practice amongst Neonatal Follow-Up Programs (NFUPs) and to align neonatal follow-up standards across the province.  More information about this work group and its recommendations made can be found here. The tools created include resources for neonatal follow-up programs to aid in fostering standardization and collaboration across clinics and includes a standardized visit schedule, shared care form and suggested assessment tools.  Resources for parents and families have also been developed to help them better understand their journey through the neonatal follow-up system.  All the tools and resources are downloadable below, along with a toolkit that explains how to use and implement the tools at your site.

Implementation Toolkit – Read this First!

The implementation toolkit provides background to this work and supports the use of the tools and resources found below.  It explains the purpose of each tool and provides guidance, where appropriate, on how to implement them within Neonatal Follow-Up programs.

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Tools for Neonatal Follow-Up Programs

Click here to download the tools created to support the work of Neonatal Follow-Up Programs.

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Resources for Parents and Families

Click here to download the resources created for parents and families regarding the Neonatal Follow-Up Programs.

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Neonatal Follow-Up Contact Directory

Click here to download a directory of the Neonatal Follow-Up Programs in Ontario.

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Neonatal Follow-Up Program Webinar



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In September 2015, the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health convened the Neonatal Follow-Up Implementation Committee to advance the recommendations of the Neonatal Follow-Up Clinics Work Group (NFUC-WG) Report.

The aims of this Committee were as follows:

1.  To reduce variability of pratice among Neonatal Follow-Up Programs (NFUPs) and align standards;

2.  Create a strategy and implement the clinic recommendations in collaboration with NFUPs;

3. Create a strategy and implement the broader system recommendations in collaboration with relevant provincial Ministries; and

4.  Develop an evaluation framework with indicators to assess the process and impact of applying the recommendations.

For more information, please refer to the Neonatal Follow-Up Work Group Final Report.