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Neonatal Follow Up – Levels of Care Reference Sheet

A reference sheet outlining the neonatal follow-up levels of care, including admission criteria, goals, and recommended resources.

Neonatal Follow Up – Patient Flow Charts

A series of flow charts that depict the most common referral processes for children with motor, behavior, cognitive and social issues

Neonatal Follow Up – Shared Care Form

A form designed to facilitate communication between two NFUPs providing care to a child.

Neonatal Follow Up – List of Assessment Tools

A list of commonly used assessment tools organized by developmental domain, administration time, qualifications required to administer and strengths/limitations.

Neonatal Follow Up – Postnatal Screening Form – General Anxiety and Depression

Screening tools for anxiety and depression that can be used with parents and caregivers.

Neonatal Follow Up – Postnatal Screening – Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale

A post-natal depression screening tool that can be used with mothers.

Neonatal Follow Up – Letter About the Neonatal Follow Up Program for Providers

A letter directed to community health care providers and physicians explaining the role of NFUPs.

Neonatal Follow Up – Brochure for Parents and Families

An informational brochure directed to parents and caregivers.

Neonatal Follow Up – Graduation Letter for Parents and Families

A brief letter congratulating parents and families on completing their time with a neonatal follow-up program.