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Neonatal Follow-Up Program provides a critical role in Ontario’s health care system. It has evolved from a system of monitoring outcomes of mainly pre-term children to one that monitors and offers early intervention in high risk infants with varying diagnoses. The work of the Neonatal Follow-up Implementation Work Group refers to neonatal follow-up clinics collectively as the Neonatal Follow-Up Program (NFUP). The ultimate goal of this work is to develop a cohesive system of neonatal follow-up that includes collaboration amongst the clinics and other relevant care providers, placing families at the centre of care. Instead of the clinics working in isolation of each other, this work aims to leverage and pool system resources and standardize key functions to ensure that children across the province have equitable access to high quality care. The recommendations were created in 2015 and in late 2017 PCMCH had released the tools and resources to help support implementation of such programs.

For more information please see the following links:

Neonatal Follow-Up Program Tools and Resources (2017)
Neonatal Follow-Up Implementation Strategy Report (2017)
Neonatal Follow-Up Program Recommendations (2015)



Webinar Objectives: 

  • Provide background on the Ontario Neonatal Follow-Up Program
  • Review Neonatal Follow-Up Program recommendations
  • Review tools and resources that have been developed to help reduce variability of practice amongst programs
  • System considerations

Date: Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Time: 1200-1300 EST

Presented by: Dr. Paige Church (Director, Neonatal Follow-Up, Sunnybrook Hospital, NFUC-WG Co-Chair) and Dr. Vincent Ho (Director of NICU and Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, NFUC-WG Co-Chair)

Audience: Clinicians, educators, managers and administrative leaders involved in neonatal follow-up.

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