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The Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health will be hosting two webinars to support the dissemination of the recommendations made in the COVID-19 Pregnancy Care Guidelines. These guidelines are a compliment to the General Guidelines released in the spring. The webinars will be released in two parts.

1st Webinar: December 8th, 2020  12:00pm-1:00pm
COVID-19 Prenatal Webinar focusing on Low Risk Pregnancies

Registration Required. Please register online at:

2nd Webinar: December 15th, 2020  12:00pm-1:00pm
COVID-19 Prenatal Webinar focusing on High Risk and Complicated Pregnancies

Registration Required. Please register online at:


The objective of the two webinars are to:

•↑ awareness of the newly released Maternal Neonatal COVID-19 Pregnancy Care Guideline related to prenatal pregnancy care
•↑ understanding and utilization of the recommendations in prenatal environments
• Opportunity to discuss practice changes affecting the care of maternal and neonatal populations in relation to COVID-19