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PCMCH Publications

Ontario’s Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health: Building a Productive, System-Level, Change-Oriented Organization

Charlotte Moore Hepburn and Marilyn Booth

In the early 2000s, similar to many sectors in the current healthcare system (Ahmed et al. 2010; Breton et al. 2009; Plsek and Greenhalgh 2001), the maternal-child health sector in Ontario was fragmented, encumbered with redundant elements and challenged to deliver high-quality, efficient, cost-effective care. Acknowledging the strategic importance of the maternal-child health sector and recognizing the need to resolve this fragmentation, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) created the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH; in late 2008. With a structure designed to engage the entire sector, together with the support of a dedicated secretariat, PCMCH was able to rapidly build momentum by unifying the maternal-child healthcare system and streamlining key elements of the organization and delivery of care (Day 2011; “New Bassinets = Better Access” 2011; Turner 2011). With an articulated function designed to focus on issues of mutual concern to the funder and provider, PCMCH has led to significant improvements in access, care quality and productivity (Moore Hepburn and Booth 2011; “SickKids Wins Celebrating Innovations in Health Care Award” 2011).

Click here to read more: Healthcare Quarterly, 15 Special Issue(4) 2012: 54-62.