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Quality-Based Procedure for Tonsillectomy

QBP for Tonsillectomy

Quality-Based Procedures (QBP) are an integral part of Ontario’s Health System Funding Reform (HSFR) and a key component of the Patient-Based Funding. This reform plays a key role in advancing the government’s quality agenda and its Action Plan for Health Care. HSFR has been identified as an important mechanism to strengthen the link between the delivery of high quality care and fiscal sustainability.

The key objectives of the QBP for Paediatric Tonsillectomy with and without Adenoidectomy are to:

  • Provide clinicians with evidence-based recommendations on the pre-, intra- and post-operative care and management of paediatric patients undergoing tonsillectomy with or without adenoidectomy.
  • Emphasize the need for evaluation and intervention in high-risk populations, including patients with suspected severe obstructive apnea syndrome (OSAS).
  • Reduce variations in care, including the following:
    • Appropriate use of steroids
    • Unnecessary administration of antibiotics and
    • Inappropriate use of codeine
  • Promote appropriate and timely counselling and education for patients, parents and caregivers.
  • Ensure appropriate follow-up care strategies are in place.
  • Reduce post-surgery readmission rates and Emergency Department (ED) revisit rates due to the most common complications (e.g.: dehydration, hemorrhage following surgical procedure, pain, and respiratory complications).

Clinical Expert Advisory Group Terms of Reference (PDF)

Clinical Expert Advisory Group Membership List (PDF)


QBP for Paediatric Tonsillectomy – Webinar Q&A

QBP for Paediatric Tonsillectomy – Webinar Presentation

Previously offered February 19th, 2014 and March 27th, 2014.

QBP for Paediatric Tonsillectomy – Toolkit

The toolkit serves as a complement to the QBP Clinical Handbook for Paediatric Tonsillectomy with and without Adenoidectomy, and details the clinical pathway and recommendations to aid in the implementation of the QBP.