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Past Yearly Reports

PCMCH MCBR Cover 2014Maternal-Child Benchmarking Report is designed to help participating organizations identify potential opportunities to improve clinical and operational efficiency and quality and utilization management processes by making available comparative data from peers.

It is intended that these comparisons will help the participating organizations accelerate their rate of improvement by identifying opportunities based on demonstrated levels of performance by hospitals across Ontario. In considering these comparisons it is important to note that, independently, the analyses within this report do not provide a comprehensive picture of a hospital. Rather, the results presented are intended to enhance decision-making processes to aid in identifying potential opportunities to improve performance.


2015  Ontario Hospitals Maternal-Child Services Report

2014  Ontario Hospitals Maternal-Child Benchmarking Report (PDF)

2013  Ontario Hospitals Maternal-Child Benchmarking Report (PDF)

2012 Ontario Hospitals Maternal-Child Benchmarking Report (PDF)