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Paediatric Diabetes Network – Illness Management Guidelines

A Paediatric Diabetes Network Working Group led by Dr. Sarah Lawrence has been working towards refreshing the PDN Managing Diabetes During an Illness Guidelines (also known as ‘Illness Management Guidelines’). These guidelines have been reviewed and endorsed by the Quality and Clinical Standards Committee.


Who Is It For?

These guidelines are meant to be used as a guide and are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, or to replace local treatment recommendations. The intended audience of these guidelines is for the Paediatric Diabetes Education Programs to share with patients and families.


What Is It About?

These guidelines are intended to be a guide for patients and families to care for diabetes during illness and prevent possible DKA, severe hypoglycemia, and dehydration. There are 3 versions of the guidelines:

  • PDN Illness Management Guideline Long Version – intended as a resource for new onset diabetes teaching and in depth illness re-education
  • PDN Illness Management Guideline Short Version – a trifold pamphlet for distribution in clinic and as a quick resource for patients and families
  • PDN Illness Management Guideline Wallet Card – ideally reproduced on card stock or laminated for portable access to key information


These guidelines replace the 2010 NDHN pamphlet, Guidelines for Managing “Sick” Days for Children with Type 1 Diabetes.


Are These Guidelines Bilingual?

These guidelines are available in both English and French.


How Can I Access These Guidelines?

The guidelines can be accessed by clicking on the link for each below.  Within the guidelines, this website URL and/or QR code (link to this website) are also provided.