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Toolkit to Support Effective Collaboration within an Integrated Care Team

Over the last four years, PCMCH and its key stakeholders have had a major focus on advancing care for children with medical complexity (herein referred to as “CMC”). To support this journey, PCMCH committed to working with stakeholders in 2014/15 to develop a toolkit to support effective collaboration within an integrated care team. The goal of this toolkit is to help integrated care teams understand the shift required to overcome challenges and barriers to effective collaboration. Integrated care teams for CMC are unique from traditional care teams in that they consist of team members from various organizations and sectors who typically do not work collaboratively as one team.

Although the focus of the toolkit is on integrated care teams that support CMC and was developed by families and providers that support CMC, we recognize that this toolkit could be used by any integrated care team and would encourage others to use this toolkit where possible. The intent is for this toolkit to be a living document that evolves and is updated based on feedback from PCMCH stakeholders.

Click HERE for full toolkit and see below for supporting resources, infographic and video overview.

Infographic: Tips for Working Effectively as an Integrated Care Team

CCKO Toolkit

Video: Overview of the PCMCH Toolkit to Support Effective Collaboration within an Integrated Care Team