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CCKO Strategic Framework

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What is Complex Care Kids Ontario?

Complex Care for Kids Ontario (CCKO) is a multi-year provincial strategy to advance province-wide access to integrated medical care and coordination for children with the most complex chronic health care needs and their families, starting with Children with Medical Complexity (CMC) who are Medically Fragile Technology Dependent (MFTD). The CCKO program is contextualized to meet regional circumstances/ecology while underpinned by consistent standards/function and brand across Ontario.

What is the Vision?

Life-long child, youth & family driven care and supports that optimizes health and quality of life

What is the Mission?

Province-wide access to integrated care and coordination for children/youth who persistently demonstrate the most complex health care needs

Why Children with Medical Complexity?

PCMCH has examined analyses completed by researchers affiliated with the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences (ICES) to identify children in Ontario with the greatest healthcare service use in any one year period as well as to identify children with the greatest healthcare service used over a multi-year period. These analyses consistently show that a small subset of children – children with medical complexity (CMC) – consume the majority of healthcare services and consume those services both in the community and in hospital. Data further illustrate that among all CMC, those who have multiple organ system complex chronic conditions, neurological impairment and/or are dependent on technology persistently require higher levels of health services and support from a greater number of health care providers and specialists. As such, CMC who are Medically Fragile and/or Technology Dependent (MFTD) have been identified as the first priority for targeted integrated medical care and coordination interventions.

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