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Medically Fragile iStock_000005912789XSmallAs a result of discussions with the government regarding the advancement of a provincial strategy for integrating care and coordination for children with medical complexity, the Integrated Complex Care Advisory Committee (ICC AC) was established in 2014 to provide strategic direction to Council regarding the design and implementation of a province-wide integrated care coordination strategy for children whose complex health care needs persistently generate high health care utilization and costs.

Since its inception, the ICC AC has provided the strategic leadership and oversight that has enabled PCMCH and its partners to accomplish the following commitments made in the 2014/15 ICC AC Action plan.  Please refer to Resources for an overview of the 2014/15 ICC Action Plan Priorities.

As of June 2015, the multi-year funding commitment required to advance the Complex Care for Kids Ontario is in the process of being finalized.  The approval of the ‘Complex Care for Kids Ontario’ (CCKO) strategy marks an exciting shift to the next phase of PCMCH’s work related advancing care for CMC and their families.  The focus for PCMCH in 2015/16 will be on the implementation and advancement of the Complex Care for Kids Ontario (CCKO) strategy.  In alignment with this focus, PCMCH will transition leadership and accountability for complementary pieces of work to the system partners who have been given the responsibility for design and /or implementation by the MOHLTC.

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