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2015 Ontario Hospitals Maternal-Child Services Report


The 2015 Ontario Hospitals Maternal-Child Services Report (formerly known as the “PCMCH Maternal-Child Benchmarking Report”)  provides an environmental scan of the hospital-based maternal-child healthcare system in Ontario for the fiscal 2014/15 period. It includes facility-level indicators from 69 participating providers of maternal-newborn and paediatric services, as well as LHIN-level indicators focusing on larger trends in Paediatric (Inpatient, Emergency Department and Mental Health), and Obstetrical data.

The 2015 Report represents the key initial step of an extensive redesign process motivated by our commitment to on-going quality improvement in providing relevant information to the maternal and child healthcare community.   Specifically, the 2015 Report:

– Enhances provider usability by providing all hospital-level indicators online in MS Excel format;

– Improves comparability and trending capability by aligning Report data with up-to-date user-generated data, 5-year historical trends with one year CMG methodology (for select indicators;

– Presents select hospital profiles and indicators in a combination of dynamic tables and graphs with options to define comparators;

– Provides and consolidates up-to-date Technical Specifications in a single document; and

– NEW !: Includes LHIN-level data including Inpatient, Emergency Department, Obstetrics and Mental Health trends. The Mental Health section was developed in consultation with our partners from Ontario Network of Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Services (ONCAIPS).

In addition, several enhancements were introduced as part of the production and validation processes with stakeholders.


2015 Report

Hospital Profiles

The participating organizations have provided a profile, a history and overview of their organization in order to provide context for the clinical and operational efficiency indicators. These profiles include scope of care, academic affiliations as well as other relevant information. Hospital Profile data were manually submitted to PCMCH, including the following:

Hospital-Level Indicators

The hospital-level Reports are designed to support local providers in developing their own plans to improve quality and patient outcomes in their facilities by making available comparative data from peers. The indicator set includes clinical, operational efficiency, quality, and utilization management data.

LHIN-Level Indicators

The LHIN-level indicator set includes Paediatric (Inpatient, Emergency Department and Mental Health) and Obstetrical data.



Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The Report has been an integral part of PCMCH’s historical performance measurement of the maternal-child health system.  Like all data published by PCMCH, the hospital-based Maternal-Child Healthcare System Indicators are subject to continuous review.

As part of our emerging Strategic Plan, PCMCH is aiming to strengthen its role in measuring and reporting on system level outcomes for the maternal and child healthcare system.  By providing comparable information on a set of key indicators, PCMCH and its partners can not only identify areas of strength and improvement, but inform individuals, families and their care providers how their healthcare system is performing.

In 2016-17, in collaboration with our partners, we aim to develop and disseminate a comprehensive, publicly accessible performance reporting framework for the maternal, child and youth healthcare system.  This information will inform health care providers and the public identify areas of success as well as areas for improvement.

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We welcome further comments and suggestions for improvement on the PCMCH Ontario Maternal-Child Healthcare System Report. Please contact us at benchmarking [ @ ]