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Retro-Transfer Implementation

Retro-Transfer Implementation

The Retro-transfer Implementation Work Group (RTIWG) made recommendations that support timely and efficient retro-transfers which in turn allow for timely admissions and transfers of high risk women and neonates. This report introduces standardized communication, education and documentation tools that will streamline the system. Recommended tools include the new Provincial Maternal Transport Record and Provincial Neonatal Retro-transfer Record. These forms and resources are designed to support teams as they implement a process to facilitate neonatal retro-transfers in a consistent and timely manner, to educate and communicate with providers, patients and families, and to ensure that aspects of care are not delayed or missed because of a transfer to another centre.

Work Group Terms of Reference (PDF)

Work Group Membership (PDF)


RTIWG Report: Appendix Ten – The Provincial Neonatal Retro-transfer Record

RTIWG Report: Appendix Nine – Provincial Maternal Transfer Record

RTIWG Report: Appendix Eight – Retro-transfer brochure-Guide for hospitals

RTIWG Report: Appendix Seven – Retro-transfer brochure-Grade 8 reading level

RTIWG Report: Appendix Six – Level IIc NICU Parent Letter-Reading level Grade 7

RTIWG Report: Appendix Five – Level III NICU Parent Letter-Grade 7 level

RTIWG Report: Appendix Three – PCMCH Retro-transfer Criteria LOC

Retro Transfer Implementation Work Group Report