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The Ontario Antenatal Record has been updated!

The Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH), in partnership with BORN Ontario, the Ontario Medical Association, and the Association of Ontario Midwives, announces the 2017 release of the Ontario Perinatal Record (OPR).

The OPR update and User Guide development was undertaken by a provincial committee representing practitioners using the current antenatal record including obstetricians, midwives, family physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, as well as other stakeholders that support high quality maternity care such as Best Start, Public Health, BORN Ontario and PCMCH.

The updated Ontario Perinatal Record is the 5th revision to the antenatal record and replaces the 2005 version.


What’s new in the OPR?

Updates to the 2017 OPR include:

  • Spreading out and enhancing the original two-page record to three pages to allow for more thorough documentation of medical, genetic, and psychosocial issues
  • A total of five pages including a page of mental health screening resources and a standardized postnatal visit record
  • Consolidation of all lab and ultrasound tests on page 2
  • A comprehensive section on immunizations
  • Prompts for special circumstances requiring time sensitive interventions
  • Inclusion of mental health screening questions and tools
  • Updated genetic history and investigations
  • Updated language respectful of gender identity and the multiple ways in which individuals may identify themselves as a parent
  • Grouped and expanded discussion topics by trimester
  • Updated demographics to reflect newer methods of contact, planned place of birth, newborn care provider
  • A detailed user guide

OPR Committee Membership List

2017 Ontario Perinatal Record

UPDATED RESOURCE: Ontario Perinatal Record User Guide – Updated August 2018

Updates have been made to the following sections:

  • Marijuana use
  • Prenatal genetic investigations
  • Pertussis vaccination
  • VBAC consent and counseling


The new OPR replaces the Ontario Antenatal Record 1 and 2. Please order the new OPR and destroy remaining Antenatal 1 and 2 forms.

Note: When ordering the OPR, there is now only one form that needs to be ordered (form number: 5046-64 “Ontario Perinatal Record set”), not two separate forms like the previous Antenatal 1 and 2.

Extra copies of page 3 are available if you require more room to record subsequent visits (form number: 5060-64 “Perinatal Record 3″).

To order:

1) Go to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Central Forms Repository, and

2) Submit completed forms to (preferred option) or fax to 416-679-8192.


What about the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

Technical specifications for the electronic version of the OPR are currently under development. In the meantime, practitioners who use an electronic medical record may want to use the 2017 OPR as a guide to care, while still working within their existing record.


If you have any questions or comments about the OPR, please send them to