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Mother-Baby Dyad Care

Mother-Baby Dyad Care

The practice of separating a newborn from its mother soon after birth is common. Modern day hospital routines continue to significantly disrupt the early maternal-infant relationship, contributing to unnecessary admissions to the special care nursery. Mother-baby dyad care, including skin-to-skin contact of healthy infants and mothers, is an important component of maternal-newborn care. Beginning at birth, mothers and newborns should be viewed as a unit with no disruption of the parent-infant relationship. The following recommendations and resources support the implementation of mother-baby dyad care.

Work Group Terms of Reference (PDF)

Work Group Membership (PDF)


Mother-Baby Dyad Care Recommendations

The following recommendations support evidence-based clinical practices in promoting the care of the infant together with the mother.

Mother-Baby Dyad Care Webinar – Q&A

This Q&A document was developed based on your questions at the April 11, April 26 and August 9, 2012 sessions.

Mother-Baby Dyad Care Webinar Presentation

Presentation slides from the Mother-Baby Dyad Care webinar (April 2012).

Mother-Baby Dyad Care Implementation Video

Click on the link to view the video.

Mother-Baby Dyad Care Audit Tool

Click on the link to download the audit tool.

Mother-Baby Dyad Care Pre-Test

Click on the link to download the pre-test.

Mother-Baby Dyad Care Presentation Slide Deck

Click on the link to download the slide deck.

Mother-Baby Dyad Care Implementation ToolKit (Master Document)

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Special Care Nursery Admission Criteria

This admission criteria document is developed to guide newborn admissions the Special Care Nurseries or NICUs.