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Maternal-Neonatal COVID-19 Information

Maternal-Neonatal COVID-19 General Guideline

On behalf of the Maternal Newborn Committee (M-NC) for the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health and the M-NC COVID-19 Task Force, we are excited to share the newly released Maternal-Neonatal COVID-19 General Guideline!

The Maternal-Neonatal COVID-19 General Guideline provides direction on key areas including:

  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by Providers and Patients during Labour & Delivery
  • Supporting People for Pregnant Patients during a Labour & Delivery Admission
  • Mother-Baby Dyad Care for Suspected/Confirmed COVID-19 Mothers
  • Care of Babies born to Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 Mothers
  • Infant Testing
  • And much more

We hope these tools will assist our fellow colleagues and front-line workers across the province. This work began when PCMCH was tasked by the Ministry of Health to provide support to our Maternal-Neonatal providers across the province. Recognizing that during the perinatal period individuals and their families have a high degree of interaction with multiple providers in the health care system. There is a need for care during these life stages is time sensitive and cannot be delayed during this pandemic response. We hope that these guidelines provide some clarity and recommendations regarding practice changes related to maternal-neonatal care regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


Maternal-Neonatal COVID-19 General Guideline: Family Friendly Resources

If you are a service provider working with families who will give birth in Ontario during COVID-19, you can share these resources with families by going to the Health Nexus Website under the COVID-19 Section, where you can find new resources and key messages for families, as well as adapted Best Start Resources to support expecting families during these challenging times.


The following resources include:

  • Support persons during labour and delivery
  • Care for mother-baby dyad
  • Care for babies in NICU
  • Newborn feeding practices


All of these resources are available in PDF and in French. Organizations may also format these files to include their own logo.

After the release of our Maternal-Neonatal COVID-19 General Guideline, Health Nexus and PCMCH banded together, with the help of many others, to create resources for families either having or planning to have a baby during the pandemic. These resources are meant to help share key messages from our guideline that are relevant to families wanting to have reliable information to support their birthing decisions. We would like to thank everyone involved in the creation of these resources, and for helping families navigate their care during the COVID-19 pandemic.