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Health Care Providers

The strength of the PCMCH lies in its collaborative working model. By bringing together multi-disciplinary providers from across the continuum of care, the Council’s work is grounded in frontline experience and expertise, well-tested best practices and consistent and credible evaluation.
Maternity Care

Maternity Care

PCMCH works closely with frontline health care providers to operationalize many of its recommendations and clinical practice guidelines. They have resulted in a maternal/newborn system of care that supports mom, baby and family throughout their pre and post-partum and pre and post-natal periods, thus helping to ensure the best possible beginning for all.

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Supporting and influencing the healthcare needs of mothers, newborns and children, and where required, supporting children’s transitions to adult care, continues to be a key focus of the PCMCH.

Paediatric care

PCMCH’s success in strengthening paediatric care relies heavily on the ideas, expertise and insights of the providers who deliver that care to children and their families across Ontario. The paediatric ‘circle of care’ often involves providers from across several service sectors and PCMCH is committed to working with multi-disciplinary providers to ensure that the full spectrum of paediatric care is equitably available to children and their families, regardless of where in Ontario they access care.

PCMCH Strategies and Initiatives
Complex Care for Kids Ontario (CCKO)
Ontario Paediatric Bariatric Network
Ontario Paediatric Diabetes Network
Performance and Quality Improvement
Quality Based Procedures / Clinical Practice Guidelines
Resources and Education Opportunities
Ontario Cleft Lip and Palate
Emergency Department Paediatric Readiness

Paediatric Care