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Updated May 13, 2020

With input from thought leaders in the pediatric health sector, Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health and Kids Health Alliance ( have partnered to develop a document for healthcare providers with COVID-19 information that is specific to the pediatric population.We will update the webpage and downloadable documents as new information becomes available. Please share the link broadly within your organizations.

We have also recently updated our COVID-19 documents for children, youth, and their families to include additional resources for those with chronic conditions and medical complexity. The document can be accessed here:

Download PDF: COVID-19 Pediatric Info for Health Care Providers Caring for Children & Youth


Supplemental resources referenced in the COVID-19 Information for Healthcare Providers Caring for Children & Youth document can be accessed here:

Download PDF: SickKids Summary of Scoping Review Experimental Therapies COVID 19

Download PDF: CHEO COVID-19 Medical Directive

Download PDF: SickKids Interim Guidance Managing Confirmed COVID 19 Peds Patients