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On behalf of the Maternal Newborn Committee (M-NC) for the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health and the M-NC COVID-19 Task Force, we are excited to share the second COVID-19 guiding document for the maternal-neonatal population, the COVID-19 Pregnancy Care Guideline!

 The Maternal-Neonatal COVID-19 Pregnancy Care Guideline provides direction on key areas including:

  • Care of Pregnant Population During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Involvement of Support People
    • Termination of Pregnancy
    • Birth Planning and Counseling
  • Care of the COVID-19 Suspected or Positive Person;
  • Care Environment Considerations;
    • Use of Virtual Care
    • Rural and Remote Considerations
    • Care in Home
  • And much more!

This work was inspired by the first guideline that we had released that was mainly focused on intrapartum care. It was recognized that pregnancy, childbirth and the post-natal period are critical life stages when individuals and their families have a high degree of interaction with multiple providers in the health care system. The need for care during these life stages is time sensitive and cannot be delayed during the pandemic response. Efforts to reduce the number of interactions between care providers and pregnant/ postpartum individuals and their families can be adjusted during a pandemic, however essential elements of care must be maintained.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive guiding document to support our fellow colleagues and front-line workers across the province and to provide clarity on practice changes related to the pregnancy journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the guideline acknowledges the differences of care and access to care that certain populations have experienced in this new health environment. Efforts were made to include their perspectives and lived experiences, and created additional recommendations to promote a decolonized, equitable and inclusive approach to greater beneficent care during this time.

Download PDF:  COVID-19 Pregnancy Care Guideline