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Maternal-Newborn Gap Analysis

A review of low volume, rural, and remote intrapartum services in Ontario.

The Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health recently completed a gap analysis to look at local access to safe, high-quality intrapartum care services in lower volume centres (less than 500 births a year) across the province.

The gap analysis utilized a mixed-methods approach that included:

  • An environmental scan of the existing literature, professional statements, and expert reviews of specific rural sites;
  • Findings from interviews with 16 geographically representative lower volume intrapartum care sites to understand gaps, challenges, and best practices in delivering safe, high-quality intrapartum care close to home; and
  • Qualitative analysis of data from the Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) and Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES).

Key themes highlighted by the findings of the analysis include:

  • Impact of geography on quality and access to care;
  • Variations in models of care, staffing models, and human resources strategies; and
  • Knowledge and involvement of regional maternal-child networks.


To learn more, please download a copy of our Gap Analysis HERE.


COMING SOON: In the fall of 2018, a distance map will be published that will provide an overview of the duration of time pregnant people travel within the province, to reach intrapartum care services.


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